Dear friends, colleagues, and partners,

Unfortunately, a devastating war that no one had really expected has come to us in Ukraine. Nevertheless, while our country is being bravely defended, we have a clear plan of action, as below:

  1. Safety of our team is a no. 1 priority for Biosphere Corporation. As of now, all of our staff are safe, and no one has been injured. We keep in touch with all employees.
  2. We do our best to secure availability in stores of our basic products – diapers, sanitary napkins, toilet paper etc. Despite the temporary logistics and production difficulties, we continue to work at maximum capacity possible.
  3. Internationally, Biosphere Corporation is represented across 30 markets from where we receive on a daily basis thousands of letters offering your help and assistance. We extremely appreciate it and now, ask for the support of our export partners, too. Every euro/dollar we earn helps Ukraine defend itself in this war – we help volunteer organizations, the Ukrainian army, children and their mothers.

For now, our primary goal is to overcome this massive challenge together and end the war. We have allocated our resources and utmost focus, and strived to work seamlessly to help our country in these dark times.

We are confident that with the requested help and our efficient management, Ukraine shall prevail.

Glory to Ukraine!