Biosphere Corporation expands new business horizons - Biosphere

Biosphere Corporation expands new business horizons

Biosphere Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of household and hygiene products in Ukraine, has agreed with the owners of the Austrian company ALUFIX on the acquisition of the well-known ALUFIX brand in the category of household goods, the company’s plant in Fagaras (Romania) and its retail branches in four European countries.

Since Biosphere Corporation exports its products to more than 25 countries of the world and continues to increase exports, it became necessary to open a production facility in Europe that could ensure the fulfillment of obligations to foreign partners.

The Austrian brand ALUFIX was founded in 1964, under which products such as foil, garbage bags, and other related products for households, restaurants, and businesses were produced and sold.

The plant acquired by Biosphere Corporation, located in the city of Fagaras (Romania), previously belonged to ALUFIX. The total area of the enterprise is 7 hectares, of which the production capacity area is 5000 m2, on which foil and food packaging film production lines are located. Biosphere Corporation plans to expand the plant’s production capabilities and deploy lines to produce garbage bags, wet wipes, and kitchen sponges in the nearest future.

The launch of the plant in Romania is planned for December 2022, and the appearance of ALUFIX goods on the shelves of European retail chains is expected by the end of 2022.

Yury Golianych, CEO of the Household & Recycling business line, managed the agreement on the part of the Biosphere Corporation. The agreement was accompanied by Dmitry Baranovsky, Vice President of Capital Times.