Biosphere in faces
Andriy Zdesenko
Founder & CEO
"Every company is a reflection of its founder's personality - their principles, values and aspirations."

Founder and CEO of Biosphere Corporation since 1997, founder of Charisma Fashion Group since 2008
Named among 10 businessmen that shape Ukraine’s international image by the Business magazine in 2017, named among Ukraine’s 100 richest by the Focus magazine in 2019.
Named among Ukraine’s 100 richest by Forbes magazine in 2020.

Vice-President and CFO
Iryna Nesterenko
Vice-President for Operations

Iryna Nesterenko has joined the company in 2006 and is in charge of financial, logistic, IT, legal and procurement blocks of the corporation.

Top managers
Serhiy Poliskyi
Head of Household business
Oleksandr Lavrov
Head of Hygiene Business and Global Export
Sergii Agibalov
Head of Biosphere Professional
Liubov Hryhorian
Head of Production