To create high-quality and innovative household, hygiene and away-from-home goods, while caring about our consumers, employees, community and natural resources.
Biosphere products are made to meet the demand of various consumer groups, but more than that – they are meant to generate positive emotions. The company’s motto – We Create Value – reflects our aspiring to bring innovations that improve the quality of life and make it more comfortable and full of colors. We create value in products, in relationship, in communication with our consumers, partners and employees.
The development strategy of Biosphere Corporation is defined by its mission and values.
We strive to be the leader in innovation for creating value-added products, which determines our approach to using cutting-edge production equipment, being in constant search for alternative channels and markets, applying creative solutions in marketing and communications, ensuring strict control of productivity and work conditions, facilitating a flexible organizational structure.
Our ambition is to become Europe’s biggest manufacturer and distributor of personal hygiene and household goods and in 5 years to enter the American markets. To this end, we focus on winning no less than 15% market share in all key countries of presence.
Our sustainability strategy is a cornerstone of business development strategy. Today Biosphere recycles 100% of its production waste, ensures decontamination of all water resources used in production, turns 800 tons of polyethylene waste into a valuable resource for our waste bags every month. In 2020 Biosphere sets off its GoGreen initiative, starting with biodegradable garbage bags, organic cotton sponges and buds, flushable wet wipes and toilet paper.