Biosphere operates modern production facilities

KPD factory
The first and biggest factory located in Dnipro, Ukraine
KPD factory
  • Operating since 2002, renovated in 2020
  • The biggest and most awarded producer of garbage bags and wet wipes in Ukraine
  • GMP and ISO 22716:2007 certified
  • Annually audited by Disney, Universal, McDonald’s and other key partners
  • 100% of PE production waste gets recycled
  • Thermoplast
    Thermoplast factory provides top-quality household goods for export and paper products for the Ukrainian local market
  • Opened in 2008
  • Biggest taxpayer in the region
  • Forms 46% of industrial power in the region
  • Polygreen recycling plant
    Ukraine's largest producer of secondary polyethylene granules
    Polygreen recycling plant
  • Opened in 2014
  • Recycles 800 tons of PE waste monthly
  • Produces twice as many secondary polyethylene granules as the closest competitor
  • Recycles twice as much plastic than any other Biosphere plant produces
  • State-of-the-art Italian equipment ensures manufacturing excellence and minimized pollution
  • 100% of Freken BOK and PRO service garbage bags contain secondary PE granules from Polygreen
  • Sales manager: +38 (056) 377 95 45 (40),
  • Lemoine factory
    A joint venture of Groupe Lemoine (France) and Biosphere Corporation, the factory in Estonia is one of the biggest producers of cotton hygienic goods in Europe
    Lemoine factory
  • Opened in 2015
  • 8500 square meters
  • Modern and energy efficient equipment
  • Processes 20 tons of cotton per day
  • Output — 108 cosmetic cotton pads per minute