The Hygiene business line of Biosphere Corporation offers top-quality wet wipes, diapers, cotton products, intimate hygiene goods, cosmetics and paper products.
Smile is the lovemark of wet wipes, accompanied by a range of Smile Baby goods for newborns and babies as they grow up.

Smile holds leading positions on the corporation’s domestic market and scores among Ukraine’s top-100 most valuable brands. A number of vivid campaigns, wide use of Walt Disney, Universal, Sanrio and other licenses, as well as creative approach to marketing, allow the brand to inspire emotions for millions of users across Europe and beyond.

Novita is a unique cosmetic brand, offering an efficient and natural products, which are produced at European factories
Lady Cotton
Lady Cotton is a set of cotton products manufactured at Lemoine Estonia factory. Cotton pads and buds of top quality at a reasonable price are popular across the CEE.
High-quality wet wipes distinguished by an attractive design, antibacterial properties and affordable price.

Superfresh Baby Wet wipes designed for the careful cleaning of the delicate skin of the baby and mom.