How to establish five large enterprises in 20 years? 

The winning formula is the drive for leadership, strong team, innovative corporate culture, and state-of-the-art technology

Garbage bag production is the largest and most up-to-date in the territory of Ukraine

Garbage bags

5.5 million

packs per month

Sponges and scourers

3.2 million

упаковок в месяц

Cleaning cloth

2.5 million

packs per month

The project of Biosphere-Complex production-logistic enterprise was implemented in line with global industry standards

Baking paper

400 thousand

packs per month

Foil and cling film

1.35 million

упаковок в месяц

Roasting sleeves and bags

500 thousand

packs per month

From idea to packing: product quality is controlled at every step.

Garbage bags production is the largest and having the highest output in the territory of Ukraine


types of beads polyethylene is made of


Современных экструдеров

Equipment able to manufacture a baking paper roll without a core and to pack it into a carton box at once

roll product winding and packaging lines

Baking paper making machine output is

30-40 rolls

рулонов в минуту

The most advanced wet wipes production complex in Ukraine and one of the largest plants in the CIS

can be made simultaneously

12 rolls


certification complying

ISO 22716:2007

28.5 million

Monthly capacity is 28.5 million

packs of finished product