In Ukraine the Corporation has been successfully implementing Private Label projects since 2007. Having proved itself worth as a reliable and high-quality manufacturer under own brands, the Corporation began getting requests for manufacture of private labels for retails chains. 

Rich experience, innovative technology, qualified staff, and highly proficient equipment are the components enabling the Company to cooperate successfully in the area of Private Label contract manufacturing. 


Biosphere Corporation offers manufacturing of private labels in two trends: Household and Hygiene


Our Company pays great attention to product quality at all stages – from inward raw materials quality to final product assessment and testing. That is achieved thanks to control of all production stages; comprehensive approach to raw material and equipment sourcing; state-of-the-art packaging production technology, high level of management. High-quality of Biosphere’s products and optimum price for a partner are achieved through: state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, constant optimization of manufacturing expenses and production methods, effective distribution policy and efficient supply chain management securing stable shipments and excellent service for the partners.

Over 500 SKU and 55 Private Labels for more than 25 retail chains of Ukraine

Year on year Biosphere Corporation is awarded with the national prize "Private Label" in the category NON FOOD in Ukraine among private label manufacturers. Those awards are the result of professional efforts of the Corporation employees, high standards and high quality of the manufacture products

Private label manufacturing: