Biosphere Corporation became a member of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs Union

Biosphere Corporation joined the Ukrainian Entrepreneurs Union (SUP), the first and largest union of independent Ukrainian businessmen. Having above 20 years of successful business experience and understanding needs of producers and exporters in Ukraine, the corporation is ready to engage in reforms and initiatives of SUP, aimed at protecting the interests of the Ukrainian business and developing entrepreneurship culture in the country.

“SUP unites the most successful companies of Ukraine, whose owners and leaders are drivers of their business. Their goal is to change the Ukrainian business environment and improve the investment climate. I am confident that the expertise and efforts of our company will help to achieve this goal,” said Andrii Zdesenko, the owner and President of Biosphere Corporation.

“Biosphere Corporation steered by its charismatic leader Andriy Zdesenko is a true success story with leading positions in its segment. In SUP we need people with a clear vision of what should be done for the voice of business to be heard and taken into account. Therefore, I’m sincerely glad to see Biosphere Corporation join us. I believe that with the contribution of Andriy Zdesenko the work of SUP will be even more productive,” noted Viacheslav Klimov, the President of the Ukrainian Entrepreneurs Union and co-owner of “Nova Poshta” logistics company.

SUP was established by owners of successful Ukrainian companies to protect independent and transparent business, create favourable business environment and promote innovations among representatives of small, medium and large businesses in Ukraine. SUP operates beyond political interests and unites above 500 companies all over Ukraine.