Biosphere Corporation and its key bands – among top-100 most valuable brands in Ukraine

Biosphere Corporation and its Freken BOK and Smile trademarks were named among the top-100 most valuable brands in Ukraine according to Novoye Vremia magazine. The umbrella brand of the corporation took the 87th place in the rating with an estimated value $ 6.45 million. Freken BOK trademark was named 23rd, Smile – 65th. Their values were estimated at 93.7 million and $ 13.1 million respectively.

The value of each brand was calculated by MPP Consulting. The assessment methodology is based on the financial results of the trademark owners as well as factors that may affect the brand value: geographic coverage of sales, applied technology, range of manufactured products and investment attractiveness of the industry in general.

The total value of top-100 brands in Ukraine was estimated at 5.9 billion dollars.