President of Biosphere Corporation Andriy Zdesenko is among top-10 investors of Ukraine

The reputable “Business” magazine named the president and co-founder of Biosphere Corporation Andriy Zdesenko among top-10 businessmen, who shape image and reputation of Ukraine in the world.

Within “Investors of new Ukraine” project the magazine recognized 10 entrepreneurs of new generation, who work for both financial and social profit, determine development vector for their industries and open new markets, invest in the image and future of Ukraine. In addition, the “Business” magazine named top-10 projects that increase business attractiveness of the country and 10 international companies that shape international reputation of Ukraine.

Experts of the rating estimated entrepreneurs and companies, which produce their products in Ukraine, have export history, implement educational, social and environmental initiatives, set high standards of quality, develop new market niches, conduct transparent business with a high reputation component.   

“Being an entrepreneur today means you just can’t live otherwise. I don’t want to make a hero out of any businessman, but these are people who don’t simply do what they love to do, but deal with a lot of different issues and overcome various difficulties to make their business successful. When doing business in Ukraine stops being an ordeal and turns into a regular occupation instead, our country will have a lot of companies to make it prosper,” Andriy Zdesenko noted.

The main asset of Andriy Zdesenko is Biosphere Corporation – leader in household and personal hygiene markets in Eastern Europe. During 20 years the company managed to extend its presence on 20 markets, including Africa. 2 years ago in partnership with Groupe Lemoine Andriy Zdesenko built a plant in Estonia. The businessman is also owner of Charisma Fashion Group network of premium class boutiques and co-owner of Vapiano restaurants in Ukraine.