Biosphere Corporation became a partner of Sustainability Marathon #4

Biosphere Corporation became a partner of Sustainability Marathon #4 dedicated to problems, challenges and aims of sustainable development. The main subject of the marathon is 5R concept – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse/Repurpose, Recycle, aimed at reducing the amount of resources used, promotion of reuse and recycling. Together with ekonomika+ speakers of Biosphere Corporation and top managers of leading Ukrainian companies, officials and eco activists will talk about the most progressive and effective projects their organizations held in 2018 regarding sustainability. The marathon will take place on January 31 in Kyiv.

Speakers of Biosphere Corporation will tell what the main advantages of waste bags made out of recycled polyethylene pellets are, what you should pay attention to when choosing biodegradable waste bags and how you can turn waste into a valuable resource.

Biosphere Corporation is the only company in Ukraine that owns a full cycle of waste bags production from recycled polyethylene pellets. The corporation's recycling plant is the largest and most modern in Ukraine and recycles about 700-800 tons of waste polyethylene each month. The corporation uses recycled pellets in the production of Freken BOK, Bonus + and PRO service waste bags, offering consumers a large product range made 30-100% from recycled materials.