Biosphere Corporation exhibiting among the "Creators of the Ukrainian product"

The Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP) initiated the exhibition of photos taken at production facilities of the Ukrainian companies.


Open from September 13 until September 19, the exhibit unveiled the behind-the-scenes of Ukrainian industrial giants, bringing in focus its capacities, potential and people whose labour and inspiration gave momentum to the development of the Ukrainian product.


The GATE photo agency selected several shots of Biosphere production, including wet wipes & sponge production machinery. One of the photos featured Andriy Zdesenko, the founder of corporation, at the Polygreen recycling plant in Fastiv.


In total, the exhibit featured 14 enterprises representing different regions of Ukraine.


The idea behind showcasing the "Creators of the Ukrainian product" was to spur up the popularity of entrepreneurship as a driving force of the economy. SUP calculated that the companies exhibited in the gallery made a combined tax effort of UAH 545,900,000 in 2017.