Novita presented a unique line of wet wipes for women

Novita trade mark launched a specialized line of wet wipes for makeup removing and intimate hygiene.


In addition to regular skin care wipes, Novita offers the wipes for professional makeup removing. The complex with grape seeds, aragan, olive oils, and vitamin F helps to easily remove makeup, moisturizing the skin and improving its elasticity. The wipes are very soft with a specific texture.


Novita has also presented a completely new product for Ukraine – biodegradable wet wipes for intimate hygiene with Amiderm complex. The material for wet wipes is made of completely natural ingredients according to the BioFlush technology. The wipes completely dissolve in water and do not clog the sewage system. They are safe for the environment and decompose within 2-4 weeks. Natural Amiderm complex with witch hazel, oak bark extracts and amino acids provides a feeling of freshness throughout the day and neutralizes an unpleasant odor.