В связи с повышенным вниманием к проекту, Biosphere Startup Platform и Concepter продлили приём заявок на участие в Product Idea Accelerator (PIA) для early-stage стартапов в сфере hardware и product design до 26 января 2018 года. К участию в бизнес-аксел

Biosphere Startup Platform and Concepter prolonged application deadline of Product Idea Accelerator (PIA) for early-stage startups in hardware and product design till January 26th.

Participants of the accelerator should come up with an explosive business idea or a ready product and be ready to develop their own startups. Taking part in the PIA will ensure expert evaluation of ideas. Finalists of the accelerator will receive financing for idea validation, mentor support at early stages of business development and launch on Kickstarter. Mentors of the PIA are business owners and managers of world leading companies, including Andriy Zdesenko, the founder of Biosphere, Vlad Tislenko, CEO of Concepter, Yaroslav Azhnyuk, Serhii Poplavskiy, IoT PM of Microsoft, and other interesting and successful people. The participants of the accelerator will also benefit from options for starting entrepreneurs offered by the accelerator partners – Microsoft, Unit, SalesHub and others.   

Don’t miss the last opportunity to take part in the project and turn your idea into a real successful business. 

To find out more about the accelerator and to apply follow the link below: https://concepter.co/accelerator/.