Biosphere Startup Platform and Concepter launch startup accelerator

Biosphere Corporation via Biosphere Startup Platform and Concepter announce the launch of Product Idea Accelerator (PIA) for hardware and product design early-stage startups. The project helps evaluate the prospects of the idea and its market fit, build an effective business and get financing.

To do that, Biosphere Startup Platform offers 100 000 $ for idea validation and product launch on Kickstarter. In addition, participants of the PIA will be able to visit mentor sessions and meetups with business owners and managers of world leading companies, including Andriy Zdesenko, founder of Biosphere, Vlad Tislenko, CEO of Concepter, Yaroslav Azhnyuk, Serhii Poplavskiy, IoT PM of Microsoft, and other interesting and successful people. The projects will also benefit from options for starting entrepreneurs offered by the accelerator partners – Microsoft, Unit, SalesHub and others.

Biosphere has been working with innovations for over 20 years and launched dozens new products and brands while Concepter has an experience in successful startup launch on Kickstarter. Their tandem will help entrepreneurs get professional estimation of their ideas and support in launching products.

To find out more about the accelerator and to apply please follow the link below: https://concepter.co/accelerator/.

It’s high time to highlight the best ideas!



Biosphere Corporation is the largest producer and distributor of household and personal hygiene goods. The corporation’s portfolio includes 12 own and 5 distributed trademarks, among which are well-known Freken BOK, Smile, Selpak, Novita and others.

Today Biosphere is a market leader in Ukraine and CIS countries. Company’s production is represented in above 20 countries where 1 000 000 packs of different goods are sold every day.

Biosphere Corporation has been innovating for over 20 years, having launched dozens of new products and brands. The company was among pioneers to start large wet wipes production in Ukraine, the first one to introduce waste bags with handles in Ukraine, and world’s pioneer in colour wet wipes production.

Biosphere owners Andriy Zdesenko and Vladyslav Guristrimba are eager to find more innovative ideas and help the greatest ones ignite. Just like they’ve done with their company.