New eco-fitness trend in Lviv – jogging for the better environment

On July 28 Biosphere Corporation initiated an unusual cleanup combining waste gathering and fitness training at Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Central Culture and Recreation Park in Lviv. The unusual format allowed dozens of ploggers gather 100 kilograms of waste in half an hour.


Ecotrend originated in Sweden with a simple idea: instead of traditional format of jogging along the streets, ploggers take waste bags and pick the garbage en route. This combination of movements allows making training more effective, burning two times more calories.   


Plogging in Lviv is already the third event, organized by Biosphere Corporation in Ukraine. Prior to this, sport cleanups have already been held in Kyiv and  Dnipro, where the participants gathered a record 700 kg of waste in 30 minutes.


Having been impressed with the plogging results, the corporation will initiate the same sports&cleanup activities in other cities too.