First plogging in Dnipro - jogging for the better environment

On April 21 Biosphere Corporation initiated an unusual cleanup combining waste gathering and fitness training. Plogging is an all new format for Ukraine. Born in Sweden and popular all over the world, plogging unites athletes who run with large bags and pick up waste en route.

“Plogging originated from Sweden, to which Biosphere is to a certain extent related: after all, it’s where Freken BOK originally came from. Jogging and various kinds of marathons get more and more popular in Ukraine. At the same time, Ukrainians have become more eco-friendly, they pick up waste after their pets, sort waste…  So, we took to combining the two: running and cleaning. And it turned out to be real fun!" shared Andriy Zdesenko, founder of Biosphere Corporation.

A lot of Dnipro citizens joined the team of Biosphere. And the corporate segment too: Prostor stores stood up to the challenge, bringing along 22 ploggers.

Creative combination of healthy lifestyle and eco responsibility gave great results − in 30 minutes of plogging over 60 participants gathered about 700 kilograms of waste! The participants who gathered the largest amount of waste received eco-gifts including ecological power-banks on solar battery.

“Biosphere Corporation is a leading manufacturer of products for cleaning, so it’s natural that we are the first to introduce plogging to Ukraine," Oleksandr Shevchenko, PR-director of Biosphere Corporation, explains. “For example, we produce waste bags from recycled polyethylene and make them biodegradable. But no matter how high-quality the bags are, they won’t fill themselves with waste. Filling them up takes a few dozen people who care about the environment and want to live in a clean city."

Having been impressed with the plogging results in Dnipro, the corporation will initiate the same sports&cleanup activities in other cities.