Biosphere Corporation launched new eco-project for business

Biosphere Corporation launched new project to help business become eco-friendly. The corporation offers Ukrainian companies cooperation where they will be able to recycle polyethylene they use. The project will help reduce the amount of polyethylene thrown away annually as well as save the primary resources of the planet.

KIMS dry cleaning network became one of the first companies to join the project. Within  the project, special containers will be installed in all branches of KIMS network, where customers will be able to deliver used bags and other PE waste. Biosphere Corporation will recycle all gathered polyethylene at PolyGreen plant and use recycled pellets in Freken BOK and PRO service waste bags production. The pilot eco-project has already started at three KIMS branches in Dnipro and in January the project will run in all KIMS branches all over Ukraine. Also in the future all eco-responsible KIMS customers will be able to get discounts on dry cleaning services and useful gifts from Biosphere Corporation.

Biosphere Corporation is the only company in Ukraine that owns a full cycle of waste bags production using recycled materials. PolyGreen recycles 700-800 tons of waste polyethylene every month. For 4 years the corporation managed to reduce primary resources in production to 30% and presented waste bags made of 80-100% recycled polyethylene.