The first stage winners of SMILE BABY BOOM campaign


Biosphere Corporation has determined first stage winners of SMILE BABY BOOM campaign.
The names were determined by www.random.org.
Kateryna Hordiychuk has become the owner of an toy electric car. 
random.org video confirmation: https://youtu.be/WZh60kWmfsM
Winners of Smile Baby products are:
1. Zinaida Shaynik
2. Michael Vovsyaniker 
3. Valeriy Suprunchuk Valeriy
4. Dmytro Burkovskiy 
5. Alla Romaniuk
6. Yulia Kuprikova 
7. Vitaliy Kushnir 
8. Ivan Kravchuk 
9. Romaniuk Valentyn
10. Victoriia Domanska
Biosphere Corporation runs SMILE BABY BOOM at Epitsentr, Nova Liniya and 27.ua stores and gives away 7 toy electric cars and 70 sets of Smile Baby products!
To take part in the drawing one needs to buy Smile Baby products or Smile Frozen, Minions and Hello Kitty wet wipes for up to UAH 150 at any Epitsentr, Nova Liniya stores or 27.ua and register a receipt at https://is.gd/siWPRq or via Viber (+38 068 815 31 28).
The campaign runs from February 9 till March 13. The drawings will be held every week.
Terms of the campaign: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_EuhKFyA6e3eRHxoDZl1EJ_GKmUo5djv