“Ukraine is the land of opportunities!” president of the Biosphere Corporation Andriy Zdesenko

“Now there are a lot of cool technological companies in our country and every year Ukraine is becoming more and more attractive to foreign investors. At the same time, now Ukrainian companies are not treated as second sort old soviet enterprises. There is growing interest from foreign investors for a partnership on equal terms and Ukrainian business receives offers from international companies on shares exchange in order to expand opportunities for both parties,” Andriy Zdesenko noted during his presentation at Dnipro Economic Forum.

In addition to sphere of investments Andriy advises potential investors to pay attention to the choice of region. Except logistics issues foreign companies interested in Ukraine should also examine local business environment in general. In a number of regions special business associations have been created that positively influence the business climate. Andriy also advises to consider the possibility of partnership with a local business, which will help make decisions faster and avoid many mistakes related to local specifics.

Being among the top-10 investors of Ukraine according to Business magazine, businessman is sure that Ukraine is a country of opportunities and there are many areas that may be interesting to foreign companies.

His words are confirmed by Kateryna Glazkova, executive director of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP). According to research conducted by SUP, 96% of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine plan make new investments and develop their companies next year. At the same time, approximately the same number of companies declare that they are waiting for changes from stare that will make doing business easier in Ukraine. Among the most expected by entrepreneurs are tax and judicial reforms, deregulation and the reform of state authorities.