The main fortune of Biosphere Corporation is its team. 

The main fortune of Biosphere Corporation is its team. And the main feature that differentiates a team from a group is the synergy. It is achieved as a result of effective coordination of employees based on common goals and values as well as complementary skills. As a result the team total force is much greater than the total of individual participant efforts. A group of people turns into a team when those people have common vision of future, common goals and desire to achieve target goals that are beyond their comfort zone.


What people work for Biosphere Corporation? Those are strong and self-confident professionals who put faith in themselves and the Company, who used to meet targets and achieve results, to grow both as personalities and professionals.

Motivational environment of the Company is up to inspirit to business feats

There is a healthy competition among our employees that helps them grow, achieve challenging tasks and outstanding results. Our best employees are encouraged with commemorative prizes, cups, voyages. They receive recognition at regional meetings and official corporate events.

Biosphere Corporation has established a system approach to personnel assessment and training. These two processes are closely related because they help to define the personnel needs for training and vector of career development in the Company. The method of personnel assessment is instrumental in appraising the employee skill level and his/her training needs. That is a comprehensive activity that covers both the employee’s level of theoretical skills and the results of their practical activities. And only after personnel assessment analysis the training program is put together.

The corporation gives special attention to employee career development. Biosphere created a career development matrix representing career development variants. Thus the most talented, high-performance and professional employees have the opportunity of career development and advancement in the company.




New Year in Biosphere is celebrated twice, in December – the traditional calendar holiday, and in July – the Corporation Birthday, beginning of new year in the Company life.

To motivate the Company personnel excursion programs are organized, various competitions and events for employees’ children are held: « Summer of Biosphere’s Children», «Family Values», «Biosphere through Children’s Eyes », etc. Twice a year corporate events are held for the Corporation employees: Corporation Day and the New Year.