Biosphere Corporation supports environmental projects and helps children

Provision of both environment purity and personal hygiene are embodied in the Biosphere’s mission. Key areas of social activity are support of environmental campaigns and project (from city level to nationwide) and carrying out charitable projects providing help to children.

  • Over 5 years Biosphere has been the partner of City Day in Dnipropetrovs’k under the slogan «Let’s make the city clean!». Every year the Company arranged works for leisure areas cleaning involving not only volunteers but also the products manufactured by our corporation, namely Freken BOK TM.

  • Biosphere Corporation became the cleanness partner of the largest open-air festival The Best City.UA-2013 which gathered over 80 thousand of audience from all over Ukraine and over 10 countries of the world. During The Best City.UA-2013 over 320 volunteers were involved, over 2.5 thous. cubic meters of garbage were collected and over 25 thous. BIO Freken BOK TM garbage bags were used.

  • Over a period of several years Biosphere has taken part in protection of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. Several hundreds kilos of garbage have been taken out of the Danube Delta within the framework of «The Clean Danube» campaign. By doing so the Corporation endorsed the initiative of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

  • Environmental care manifests itself not only in the form of participation in social projects. In 2010 the Company launched production of BIO garbage bags under Freken BOK Trade Mark that biodegrade under the action of environmental factors into environment friendly components in three years. One can announce his/her stand by merely taking away garbage – because our BIO bag has a message on it: «I don’t pollute the environment».

  • Within the framework of the program Biosphere of Childhood our Corporation supports talented children, helps orphans and babies that need medical treatment. The name of the project stresses grown-up world has to create special environment for children – the Biosphere of Childhood so that children could live and develop happily.

  • Since 2008 the Corporation has been taking part in purchase of medications and medical equipment for little patients with oncology diseases in the Division of Selective Surgery of Dnipropetrovs’k Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.

  • Thanks to the TV project «Talk about me» and annual festival «Mum+Me» created by the «25-th Hour» company with the assistance of Biosphere Corporation a lot of stories were told about orphaned children who need loving parents. Thanks to this project over 30 children have already found new parents.

It is more important for us to spend the money on targeted help for those who need it that to assure the PR-presentation of those events

Our near-term plans include establishment of charity fund within the framework of Biosphere of Childhood project in purpose of supporting talented children of Ukraine. We want to turn attention of the public to the fact that the future of Ukraine depends on our children. The child whom we are helping to develop his/her talent now can grow into a real great artist or a scientist. So our future rests with us!