Biosphere Corporation presents products for 3 trends

HOUSEHOLD – household products and cooking accessories, where 3 own trade marks are presented:

Freken BOK TM is a market leader in Ukraine. There are high-quality and innovative goods making the household work fast and effective and saving your time for yourself, your family, friends, and hobbies. Main reasoned advantage – fast and effective cleaning.

Slogan – «… and there are no home troubles!»




Bonus TM - the household goods and cooking accessories satisfying the demands of customers for quality and affordability and letting them save their money. The brand assortment comprises only basic and the most popular goods of basic product categories.

Slogan: «Always +»




Vortex TM is the new cleaning concept based on high-quality household goods that are manufactured using innovative technologies and modern materials. Vortex TM represents innovative cleaning products complying with the highest standards and requirements of modern consumers. Exclusive raw materials, unique shapes and advanced technology feature each product of this brand.

Slogan – «VORTEX – Power of Cleanness!»



HYGIENE – personal care products and paper products including 13 trade marks:


Smile TM - paper products of premium quality. Products are manufactured of 100% cellulose raw material and have the best quality, strength, and blotting characteristics in the Ukrainian market, they were awarded with the Choice of the Year 2013 prize in the category Paper Products in Ukraine. The brand has got 10 years of retail activity and is actively promoted via Ukrainian media Cleaning wet wipes with delicate aromas based on natural plant extracts, care for skin tenderly, clean it delicately, soothe and maintain necessary moisturizing level. Smile TM is the wet wipes of high quality that give you comfort and positive emotions.

Slogan -  Smile – A smile in your pocket!




Selpak TM means cleanness and extra care under any conditions. This is the only wipe especially elaborated for different customer groups and needs.




Solo TM is a dynamically growing trade mark having good value for money. Products are manufactured of 100% cellulose raw material and are of high quality.




Eventa TM is the leader in the disposable tableware category. Eventa TM has a wide assortment of disposable tableware, serviceware, and holiday decorations. The tableware and napkins collection is full of festive bright designs and colours relevant to the brand positioning «A holiday in your hands!».



PRO SERVICE –professional accessories for HoReCa segment


PRO SERVICE means professional approach to the professional accessories category. PRO service products are intended for households, cleaning companies, office and commercial premises, plants and factories, food industry, service business, etc.

Slogan – Solution for business